About us

What are we doing
In short, we solve you problems with IP addresses. Nope? We give. Selling? Buy. Looking for? Surrender to rent.

Who are we
A small group of people with experience not only in the field of IT, networks, telecommunications equipment, but also in the legal transaction.

What we can
– We always have units / 24/23/22/21 IPv4 PI for sale to your company.
– We can sell you the correct unit
– We can buy you unnecessary IP resources
– We can make you a deal re-registration of IP addresses and to act as guarantor of the transaction.
– We’ll take your resources to support, as we LIR status and you will be assured of their assets.
– We will hand over to you the address lease.
– We’ll get you your own IPv6 network
– We will issue you own autonomous system (AS)
– We will create a new LIR-a
– We will provide you a parking and connectivity to your address blocks. We organize BGP transit.
– We solve any other problems that you may encounter while using IP addresses and communication with RIPE, AFRINIC, LACNIC, APNIC, ARIN, and will render both paid and free consultations.

Our features
– We are working legally and accompany legally correct all transactions.
– We work in accordance with the RIPE rule base, if it is interesting that it is different – write, tell, show.
– We work with legal entities, not only at the Russian level but also internationally.
– We decide questions of payment, make payments and take care of all the financial troubles (bank transfer, Webmoney, BitCoin, Yandex, PayPal, Scrill, Bank wire and other options)
– Successful experience registrations, re-registrations, solve problems with RIPE.

Lir Ukraine