Price block IP

Register address block
The cost of buying a single address on the market varies depending on the customer and prodovtsa and conditions of the transaction. IP addresses represent a value for service providers who need to provide customers with the IP address and the IP address value of the data is determined by the profitability of customers.
Please note that the cost of the network may depend on the remittance options, fees, taxes.
Our network of official re-registration fee may vary depending on the volume and complexity of work.
Rental address block
The cost of renting per month in the market is usually in the range of $ 0.1 to $ 1 per 1 address. The final price depends on the needs, which are required under the addresses, and payment options.
Join AC
The cost of registration of an autonomous system is 100 euros.
Register IPv6 block
The cost of registration block IPv6 / 48 is 300 euros.
Support facilities
The annual cost of maintaining the facility is 1 150 EUR.
An autonomous system is considered a separate entity. support cost does not depend on the network size.
At the moment, for your convenience we can offer support to arrange your objects in the Russian or Ukrainian Lira.

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