A Procedure of purchase and sale for Seller

Seller leaves the request for block sale, specifies the network itself and the price he wants to get from selling.

As soon as the block that best meets your needs will be found, our consultants will contact you to confirm that you are the rightful owner of the network.

After confirming the legal basis for the sale and discussion of all the conditions, we will offer you to sign the contract of sale with Buyer, a copy of which goes to the RIPE NCC.

After RIPE confirmation, that the Buyer has become the official owner, we transfer the amounts to Seller, requesting the password from MNT and give it to Buyer.

If the sale is not official, i.e. Seller is still considered as the owner of the network in RIPE DB, and the password of the MNT becomes the object of trades, so we are not liable for the wrongful acts of the Seller in the future.

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