Buyer Issues

It is important to know the key points for potential buyers:

The buyer becomes the owner of the network officially only after the data in the database will be updated RIPE.
In the case of purchase of a gray network The buyer is responsible for any problems associated with its use. Usually after the renewal of the subnet successfully and quickly removed from any blacklist on the Internet, because already belongs to the new company.
After the transaction of sale The buyer should make sure that he knows the passwords of all the MST (called keys) that closed facilities. To avoid any nuances, it is strongly recommended immediately after the transaction to change the passwords on all MST.
In the course of the transaction the buyer should determine the LIR’om. It Lear sends all documents for re-registration at the RIPE Network. Objects can be left on the support at the current Lira.
If the subject is not on the support from Lira, we can advise you to use our services in this regard. We have over ten years of successful experience with Hostmasters by RIPE.

If you have any questions, you can find the answer in the FAQ section, or contact us and we will try to answer all your questions.

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