A Procedure of purchase and sale for Buyer

The buyer leaves the request for block purchase in which specifies the desirable range and price. Before sending the request you can learn more about the network prices in the section Prices on our website.

As soon as we get a variant answering to your inquiries — our advisers will contact you.*

After the network choice and intention acknowledgment of its purchase, we will suggest you to sign the contract on intermediary services on which basis you will translate us the sum for network purchase in full.

Only after reception of the full sum from the potential Buyer, we will begin purchase and sale process. We guarantee a refund in case of cancellation of the transaction of purchase and sale, but only till the moment of the official signing.

After reception of all sum, we offer Buyer and Seller to sign the mutual contract of purchase and sale. In case of official legalization, the copy of this contract will be sent to the RIPE NCC.

After RIPE NCC confirmation of the owner change, we transfer the sum to Seller, request the password from MNT and give it to Buyer. To avoid any nuances, we urgently recommend Buyer to change password for MNT at once after reception.

In case the sale is carried out not officially, i.e. Seller will still be considered as the Owner of the network in RIPE Data Base, ONLY the password from MNT becomes an object of the sale. We do not bear any responsibility for wrongful actions of the Seller further.

* – If the term of your request consideration will be too long, we recommend you to use our services and to become LIR, to receive clear /22 PA network (1024 addresses)and the block of IPv6 addresses.

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