Seller Issues

As a potential Seller, it is important to know some key moments:

  • Seller is obliged to confirm its ownership of the asset (the provider-independent block of addresses). We reserve the right to make any checks for acknowledgement of the ownership and legitimacy of the future transaction.
  • Seller must have a password from MNT (maintainer), which locked his objects in the database RIPE. If the password has been lost – ask your LIR for help.
  • If objects are not supported by LIR, Seller is responsible for their safety and monitors the number of days before deregistration himself.
  • Seller has no right to sell the PA (Provider Aggregatable) block of addresses. PA blocks are the property of LIR and may be sold only in case of the whole company sale. But PA block can be passed from one LIR to another.
  • Seller has no right to sell only the autonomous system (AS) without block of addresses. AS can only be returned to the free pool.
  • With a deal Seller shall remove all announcing, not concerning the transferable objects.
  • Seller shall know the contacts of LIR, which supports his objects. Either specify number of days before deregistration.

If you have any questions you didn’t find in the section FAQ you can contact us. Don’t hesitate to ask.

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